BLADE India services began in 2019 as a joint venture between BLADE USA and Hunch Ventures.

On one of his trips to New York the founder of Hunch Ventures, Karanpal Singh flew BLADE from JFK to Manhattan. What could have taken hours due to the crazy traffic, took him just a couple of minutes! A eureka moment, Karan realized the future and the potential of urban air mobility in India. What set BLADE apart for our founder was the overall flier experience, the lounges and the exclusivity.

Karan firmly believed that Indians needed a service like BLADE, connecting heavily congested cities and places that aren't as accessible. A service that can help Indians save precious time and elevate their lifestyle.

BLADE services:
1. By-the-seat helicopter service
2. Personalized charter service (BLADE Anywhere)
3. End to end air ambulance service (BLADE Care)

These services have changed the way people travel inter and intra city turning hours of travel into minutes. Know more about our routes and services HERE

BLADE adheres to the most advanced Health and Safety Protocol in the aviation industry.

Accessibility Challenges

  • India loses about $22 billion in traffic annually.

  • Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune constantly rank among the top most congested cities in the world.

  • Many a location in our country are still not conveniently accessible.

  • With challenges of multi-tasking that life throws at you, the most precious treasure that one owns is time. Saving and managing time is one of the biggest challenges for commuters in our country

  • The air ambulance / paramedics service is yet to mature in India. This is one of the most essential requirements during these difficult times

The BLADE Solution

  • BLADE aims to solve this pain point of congestion by leveraging the air space. This would cut hours of road commute to minutes of flights.

  • There are still many places in our country that are not comfortably accessible. BLADE empowers a flier to travel to unique locations and makes travel more convenient.

  • We connect places through VTOL (Vertical take-off and landing vehicles) such as helicopters and in the future, we plan to leverage EVAs (Electric vertical aircrafts).

  • Our customers repeatedly appreciate our seamless on-ground flier experience and our state-of-the-art lounges.

  • BLADE India has partnered with Airbus to make aviation more accessible by preparing for the adoption of quiet, carbon neutral and cost-effective aircraft (EVA) that are currently being developed.

About Hunch Ventures

Hunch ventures is a privately held investment firm based out of New Delhi, India. And has invested in a range of sectors including education, healthcare, immersive media, hospitality, food & beverage, logistics and others that may hold distinctive synergies with each other. Meet our Founder

About Blade USA

BLADE is technology-powered, global urban air mobility platform committed to reducing travel friction by enabling cost-effective air transportation alternatives to some of the most congested ground routes in the U.S. and abroad. The company is valued at $825 million and is the first and only Urban air mobility company to be publicly traded. By leveraging its technology platform, strategic lounge/terminal network of 10 dedicated properties in four states, and its integrated partnerships with over 30 aviation operators, the company has expanded its offerings from one route in one state to 22 core routes in seven U.S. States.