BLADE Care is our medevac service. Amid the growing coronavirus cases, we aim to bridge the accessibility concerns for those who are looking at emergency medical travel. This end-to-end service is in partnership with MyHealthCare, a specialty healthcare ecosystem. Together, we aim to bring seamless medical evacuation, using a network of ground ambulances, BLADE partner fixed wing aircrafts or helicopters and using all government mandated protocols.

BLADE Care arranges aero-medical charters for both COVID and non-COVID patients with a team of certified doctors, paramedics and clinicians onboard. Considering the current situation. BLADE acts as a one stop shop for all charter needs by ensuring people don’t spend a lot of time connecting with multiple parties for travel plans.

Every flier is assigned a dedicated BLADE relationship manager, providing assistance throughout, from booking their flight to ensuring they reach their destination safely.

BLADE Cares and always will...