Ditch hours of road journey for a one-hour flight.

Take a BLADE from Bangalore to Evolve Back Coorg, Mercara Downs Golf Course Coorg, Hampi, and Kabini. Spend more time enjoying your holiday at your destination than on the road.

Book your BLADE today!

Take a BLADE Anywhere (Charter) to Hampi

BLADE through its partner NSOP offers on-demand pay-per-person services, operating flights between Bangalore to some of the best holiday destinations in Karnataka. BLADE operates an Airbus AS350B / H125 accommodating up to 5 fliers.

Leave Bangalore and reach your destination in under 90 MINUTES!

Help and FAQs

BLADE is happy to provide you with answers to some frequent queries that our fliers have. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact BLADE

For more detailed information click the links for our Cancellation and Change policies, Weather and Delay Policies, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy

How much luggage can I bring on my flight?
What is your weather policy? What if my flight can’t leave because of weather?
What is your Cancellation Policy? Once I’ve booked, can I Move to a different flight?
Do I need to bring an ID?
Do children need a booking?
Can my pet travel with me?
Where do flights depart and arrive? What are the heliport addresses?
Why is my Charter still Pending, and not Confirmed yet?
What if I am late for my flight?
How long will it take to get to my destination?
Why does BLADE India need to know my weight? Is there a weight limit for passengers?
If I have an allergy can I still fly?
What is BLADE India? How does it work? Do I need a membership?
Does BLADE India operate as an air carrier? Does BLADE India own the aircraft I’m flying on?
Does BLADE India offer helicopter tours?
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