Principles of service excellence, leading by example,integrity, innovation and commitment to customers, have made Auto Hangar the leading & most preferred dealer of Mercedes-Benz in Mumbai. Today we have to our credit, servicing more than 210000 Mercedes-Benz customers.

Auto Hangar in partnership with BLADE India, brings to you an exclusive service. We take the mission statement of BLADE, ‘Arrive in Style’, very seriously. Which is why, when you fly with BLADE and land at a BLADE heliport, you will find a Mercedes-Benz from Auto Hangar, waiting to drive you to your desired destination within the city. The service can be booked in advance by placing a request with our Flier Relations Team or can be availed on a first come – first serve basis at the BLADE Lounge.

Special BLADE beneficial offers for Auto Hangar patrons – available on request at 1800 102 5233.