BLADE Lands in Goa

On the 20th of MAY we launched helicopter services in Goa, one of INDIA’s most sought-after tourist destinations.

Our service is set to connect Goa Airport to North Goa, South Goa, and Old Goa, BLADE will also provide 10-minute experiential flights for everyone to enjoy scenic views of Goa and charters within Goa from Maharashtra.
The service is also set to be used for medical emergencies and avail the benefits of vertical aircraft for timely medical aid. Our pay-per-person service is set to start up post the monsoon season. Stay tuned for updates on fares and schedules. Check out the BLADE Launch event!

You Can now book a charter “BLADE Anywhere” from Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune to Goa by calling us 1-800-102-5233