Fly the future,

Commute by helicopter or seaplane within and around cities and jet to popular destinations

Experience an unmatched level of precision, hospitality and culture of accomodation, as well as an industry-leading health and safety prototcol. Whether you’re traveling by helicopter, seaplane, or jet, enjoy your journey and service.

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Travel flexibility
Travel Flexibility
Easy app-based booking for scheduled, crowdsourced and private flights
Multimodal mobility
Multimodal Mobility
Seamlessly travel door-to-door by helicopters, seaplanes, jets, safe SUVs, and soon EVA.
Health safety
Health & Safety
Industry-leading Health and Safety Protocols
Network of private lounges in NYC and our key destinations
Flier relations
Flier Relations
Dedicated 24/7 team for booking, questions, or issues as they may arise.

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