BLADE Care streamlines Medevac Services, offering a seamless solution for Emergency Assistance.

Under BLADE Care, we coordinate aero-medical services with certified medical professionals onboard, assigned by BLADE Care Partners. Each patient/next of kin receives a dedicated relationship manager, who ensures seamless service from booking to picking up the patient from the designated hospital to arrival at the receiving hospital. BLADE Care works with Critical Care partners who transport critically ill patients to healthcare centres with the air ambulance network. For those unable to endure commercial flights or requiring specialized medical equipment, our Planned Medevacs offer rapid, comfortable travel options.

How BLADE Care Works

  • Evaluation: A consultation is scheduled with the patient's primary healthcare provider to understand the medical needs, secure necessary documentation and get consent along with the BLADE Care Partner team, handling the medical evacuation.

  • Cost Approval: The estimated transfer cost and timeline are shared with the patient's next of kin for approval, while the BLADE Care Partner team prepares operationally for the medevac.

  • Groundwork: Upon approval, a ground ambulance is arranged to transport the patient to the airport. Aircraft equipped with medical staff appointed by BLADE Care Partners await, with necessary equipment for in-flight support.

  • Transit: Medical staff appointed by BLADE Care Partners assume responsibility for the patient during transit, following instructions from the primary healthcare provider.

  • Destination: : The patient is seamlessly transferred to the designated hospital, ensuring continuity of care, with final approval from the consulting doctor.

BLADE acts as an aggregator of aero-medical services, collaborating with Partners to provide BLADE Care to fliers. BLADE Care Partners handle the availability and operation of air ambulances and medical staff, including doctors and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

BLADE Care Stories

A patient was Medevaced safely from Goa to Manipal Hospital Bangalore.

Bed-to-bed medevac of a critical patient from Bhubaneshwar to Pune.

In this case, the patient was received from Gurgaon, Delhi's COVID isolation facility, and transported by ambulance to Delhi Airport. After which the patient was medevacked to Mumbai, transferred to an ambulance, and transported to the hospital. The process started at 6 am when the patient entered the ambulance, by 10:20 am the patient was safely transferred to Mumbai hospital.