The safety and security of our fliers are of paramount importance to us. We leave no stone unturned to deliver the highest standards of health and operational safety to our fliers.


How BLADE India Selects Its Operators

  • BLADE partners and operators who own, operate, and maintain the helicopters, have been specifically chosen based on their experience in ensuring the highest level of safety standards, equipment maintenance, and operating protocols.

  • They have all been vetted by third-party rotorcraft industry experts.

  • All of our operators comply with the mandatory DGCA & other statutory regulations and are audited by senior advisors from our empaneled industry experts.


  • BLADE India digitally verifies all flier information including details like their weight and how much baggage they are carrying, so the team can guide and ensure the fliers fall within the prescribed specifications of the stringent operation mandates.

  • BLADE India reserves the right to prohibit or disembark fliers from flying who are unruly, intoxicated, disruptive, or otherwise unfit to fly in the sole determination of BLADE India and/or its operators.

  • To maintain flier safety, cigarette smoking, e-cigarette smoking, and vaping are prohibited in the BLADE Lounges and in our aircraft.