Leisure Travel

“The older I get the more I realize that the ultimate luxury is time” – Michael Kors

BLADE acknowledges your need to spend your time effectively – be it business or leisure. You deserve the best vacations and time out with the least number of hours lost in tiring road travel.
Be it weekend getaways or working remotely for a few days, the option to reach the city within thirty minutes is always better.

BLADE offers by the seat as well as charter services in the following routes:

Aamby Valley

Why drive when you can fly? Save your energy for what matters – a quick getaway, a special occasion, a family outing - skip traffic and BLADE to Aamby Valley in 30 mins!

An Aamby Valley resident or frequent visitor? Save substantially on the purchase of bulk booklets with per seat prices at INR 5,000/-

Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa and Dharana

You can now hop skip and jump to Hilton Shillim within 30 minutes instead of spending several hours driving! BLADE to the property any day of the week from the vertiports at Juhu and Pune.

We don’t just fly you there, we book the hotel and get you a flat 15% off on your overall stay.

It's time you elevate your lifestyle with BLADE.