Luggage Policies

BLADE Pay-Per-Person Routes – One small softcover foldable carry-on per person is allowed (7 kgs). The baggage has to be a small handbag and cannot be a hardtop. Your luggage will be inspected for size and weight when you arrive at the BLADE India Lounge or point of departure.

BLADE Anywhere – Depending on your specific aircraft, flight load, and flight time your baggage allowance may vary. The BLADE Anywhere team coordinating your flight will inform you about your specific baggage allowance at the time of your charter being confirmed.

Excess Baggage – If you bring oversize baggage to your flight, a member of the BLADE Team reserves the right to disallow bags that are deemed too heavy or large. The team will assist you in transferring these bags to your destination but this will come at an additional cost and will be carried out based on availability. It is recommended you avail the baggage transfer facility offered by BLADE which will transport your oversize baggage before your onward flight to your destination prior to your date of departure. Pricing is available via the Flier Relations team on 18001025233

The following items are not permitted:

• Samsung Galaxy Note 7
• Contraband
• Firearms, inflammable materials, ammunition, and explosives
• Aerosol cans
• Smoking devices and e-cigarettes

The following items must be on your person or in the cabin with you and are prohibited from being in your checked-in baggage

• Lithium batteries
• Consumer electronics and power banks
• Medical devices like hearing aids, pacemakers
• Watches, cellular phones, laptop computers, hearing aids containing lithium cells or batteries, and spare lithium batteries and cells for these devices.