Weather and Delay Policies

Determining Your Flight’s Status

If your flight is delayed or canceled due to weather or any other circumstance, you will be notified by Team BLADE India via email or phone notification. You may also see your flight’s status by viewing Your Upcoming Trips.

Delays – Due to Weather or Other Circumstances
From time to time, your flight may be delayed due to weather, unforeseen mechanical issues, temporary flight restrictions, and airport/heliport congestion. If your flight is canceled or delayed, you will be notified by Team BLADE India via email or phone notification.

If there are cancellations due to bad weather or any other factor on both sectors of your journey - BLADE India will refund the full amount. If the cancellation is on one sector, BLADE India will refund the amount for the respective canceled sector. In addition to the above refund, BLADE India will offer a 50% discount on your next flight.

BLADE India will notify you of any delays or cancellations due to weather at least one hour prior to your scheduled departure time.

Excessive Delays
In the event of flight delay of more than 2 hours you have the option of canceling your flight and receiving a full refund and 50% discount on your next flight with BLADE India. BLADE India's Cancellation Policy shall apply to anyone canceling a flight delayed less than 2 hours.

Moving to another aircraft
In order to minimize the passenger impact of cancellations and delays due to weather, unforeseen mechanical events, temporary flight restrictions and airport congestion you may be reassigned to a different aircraft than the type on which you originally purchased your ticket. If for any reason you decline to accept the alternate helicopter, BLADE India will offer a refund and a 50% discount on your next flight.

Flights departing at an earlier departure time
Due to weather, unforeseen mechanical issues or temporary flight restrictions your flight may need to be moved earlier to a time earlier than the booked departure time. In case you are unable to make the new flight, BLADE India will refund your account for the originally-purchased fare.

Factors Determining Weather Cancellations or Delays

There are several factors in the decision of whether a flight will be canceled due to inclement weather:

1. Pilot's Decision
Pilots make the final determination as to whether a flight will occur or whether one in progress will be diverted to another airport. While weather conditions for flight must be within regulations and operator rules, pilots may unilaterally choose to cancel or divert a flight based on their own judgment of safety of the immediate and forthcoming weather conditions.

2. Thunder
Thunderstorms can be unpredictable. The final decision to fly will be taken by the pilot.

3. Weather Along Entire Flight Path
Sometimes weather will look fine at the origin and destination but it’s also important to consider the weather in the flight path. If there is weather along the flight path sometimes the aircraft can fly around it, sometimes it can divert to a different destination, and sometimes the flight may be canceled altogether.

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