Business Travel

"Time isn't the main thing, it's the only thing." - Miles Davis

We provide by the seat services and charters for our business fliers.

By the seat business travel is currently available between Pune and Mumbai. For the convenience of the flier and to save time we have two centrally located vertiports in Mumbai - Mahalaxmi Race Course and Juhu Aerodrome. Choose the one most convenient for you!

To travel comfortably to more locations, try our charter service, BLADE Anywhere.


  • Option to book by the seat
  • Save substantial amount of time that goes in airport travel, check in and traffic
  • Finish your work and spend more time with your family and friends, health care routine- choose what makes you happy
  • The BLADE experience is more than a helicopter flight. It starts the minute you book your flight
  • Our exclusive lounges aim to extend the highest level of hospitality to our fliers
  • Our highly skilled Flier Experience (F/X) team at the lounges will take care of you. Choose from a variety of refreshments before take-off
  • The F/X team checks you in seamlessly so you reserve you energy for the things that matter
  • If you're a frequent flier, our F/X team will prepare your preferred refreshments before you even get to the lounge!

And it just keeps getting better...